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Jennifer Aniston Smart Waters Her Body to Bare It All In Next Movie? (VIDEO)

Rumor has it, Jennifer Aniston is going to be topless in her upcoming film Horrible Bosses and/or her subsequent film, Wanderlust. Hmm. Hmm. Well, we've heard this before with The Break Up, and, we know the topless scenes never made it into the production cut (albeit, she was obviously topless on the set). Word is that Jen wants to finally bear it all before her intense regimen of jazzercise, pilates, overpriced spa treatments, and fancy waters lose their boobtastic plastic effect on her bosom and she sags away from future notions of going topless onscreen. Either way, she seems to be doing a ton of pimping and drinking of that Smart Water, which I guess keeps your top looking firm and your skin shiny or maybe just costs you $2.50 for a bottle of tap water with some flavor specks. Either way, I refuse to get my hopes up for uncut Aniston funbags, though I shall of course light a candle. In the meantime, Jen is showing off the toned body and naughty lingerie side in Horrible Bosses, and, well, sucking on a banana. That's a something. Enjoy.

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