Jennifer Aniston Fires Up the Sexy Red Cleavage

It's not that Jennifer Aniston has never not been good looking, but tough times take their toll, being a bridesmaid never a bride, calling your sex toy, Brad, talking about girls weekends in Cabo all the time, and girls nights out, and girls shopping madness, and, well, no mentions of dudes outside of fake romances concocted by your P.R. team, it takes a toll.

But two things happened quite amazingly to Jennifer Aniston this week. First, our friends at RadarOnline reported from a fairly recent male fling of Jen's that Aniston is a pretty naughty bad girl when between the sheets. A bad-ass boot knocker of barbarian proportions who likes her men the same way. Quite a turn around in image for the good I'd say. And, second, these photos of Jennifer Aniston yesterday pimping her perfumed stank at Sephora in New York. Forget the nonsense of people wanting to smell like you, Jen, I want to ogle you long time. Dang, she looks hot in this little red get'up. Talk about upping your sextastic street cred in the course of a single week, Jen done did it. Enjoy.

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