January Jones Lingerie Clad for X-Men: First Class Indeed!

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Fanboys, to your bicycles!

Can we all agree that sexy January Jones, you know, prior to becoming pregnant by a mystery man who may or may not be genetically identical to the Claudia Schiffer's husband, was one super hot choice to portray Emma Frost, especially since Emma Frost is bound by hottie geek comic code to don sexy silky lingerie as part of her fineries. And, wow, take a look at these promotional stills from the upcoming X-Men: First Class, opening so soon that the unemployed parents' basement dwellers are already trying to figure out how to untangle their outdoor tents to lineup for the premiere of the film. I'm actually going to be one of them, although it won't be a tent, so much as a shrine to January Jones (and hottie d' jour, Jennifer Lawrence, of course) who will make this film eminently ogle-able. Enjoy.

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