FIRST LOOK: Sophie Turner Shows Off Her Amazing Body in Josh Ryan Photoshoot

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Sophie Turner, you've come a long way from a fresh new Aussie contestant on some silly supermodel contest show to, well, to full-blown woman-ness. This striking blonde from down under is throwing off all kinds of sextastic heat in this photo set from photographer Josh Ryan. If you're like me, you've been examining Sophie Turner and her ridiculously hot body over the past few years, and, I dare to say, this may be my favorite look ever for the beach girl from Melbourne. At least, favorite ever with clothes on, well, kind of on, certainly off in my mind. Oh, damn you mix of art and hotness that has me so confused! Enjoy.

NOTE: Blessed be Josh Ryan, friend of Egotastic! and one amazing celebrity photographer who knows how to bring out the best in female sexy (you must check out for some simply outrageous additional examples of his camera work).

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