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FIRST LOOK: Penelope Cruz Sexy Bombs the Pages of Vogue

Perhaps nobody is striking the sextastic bell as hard or as, well, hard, this week as Penelope Cruz who took the entire MILF meme to an entirely new level of hotness. Just like Angelina Jolie at Cannes this week, Penelope Cruz has shown the kids how the thirty-something veteran hotties still got it going on and are nowhere close to ready to give up their sextastic thrones. Take a gander at these Penelope Cruz pictures from the pages of the upcoming edition of Vogue magazine and see if you don't see a whole lot of awesome left. Sure, we glorify and glamorize our barely legal celebrity hotties, and, boy, there are some amazing ones, but a woman with a few years of wisdom and experience under her belt, well, I'd like to undo that belt. Enjoy.

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