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Erin Heatherton Drops the Sexy Bra Bomb in the Windy City

We have a certain kind of kismet going on here with Erin Heatherton. We think about her a lot and she thinks about us not at all. We ogle her hot leggy blondness in various outfits, lingerie, tight dresses, skimpy things and she thinks about us not at all. We lust to play connect the dots on her deliciously freckled skin, going wherever the dots may lead us, and she thinks about us not at all. It really is a two way street.

The Victoria's Secret angel was in Chi-town this week pimping Bombshell bras to all who would watch and photograph. It was kind of a mixed blessing as the sextastic Erin Heatherton kept holding up a bra over her already bra-covered upper body spectacles, which only reminded how hard it is for guys just to get past one bra clasp, let alone two, to reach the promised land of second base. But, I sure as hell wouldn't let it stop me. It's why I always carry my Swiss Army knife with me. Enjoy.

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