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Emma Watson Hotness Is Slowly Coming Back to Us

The last six months or so have been slow times for our wunderkind Harry Potter hottie, Emma Watson. Since last summer's nip slips, she chopped off all her hair, enrolled in the Ivy Leagues, and sort of went on a skin hiatus for an extended period of time. Well, I think our ginger darling is slowly coming out of that doldrum and I'm expecting great things from her this summer. Her locks are coming back in, she's quit college (err, um, said she'll be attending school at another time down the road), and while we've yet to see the summer time skin from the hot young actress, it's still just May, so we'll settle for this Paris sighting of the fashionable femme, hopefully committing herself to some serious skin reveals after the solstice next month. For now, Emma Watson fans among us, enjoy.

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