Elle Macpherson Taunts the Schoolboys in Red Leather Pants

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Oh, my, oh, my, oh, mumsy. If it isn't Elle Macpherson, the hottest MILF in the school pickup line shimmied and slipperied into a pair of red leather pants. Oh, how we wait for the school bell each afternoon with bated breath for Ms. Macpherson to stroll up to PS 157 (okay, the actual school name I'm sure is Worthington Academy or Buckington Royal Elementary) and provide us young boys with a sight we would not soon forget, or at least not forget until after bath time and a bit of privacy from our own mums.

What's that? Help you carry some parcels back to your flat where you'll make me a cup of tea with scones and clotted cream? Why certainly, Ms. Macpherson, Why, certainly. Enjoy.

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