Egotastic! (and Classic Jennifer Lopez) Salutes the Troops for Armed Forces Day

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Technically we're a day early, but tomorrow is officially Armed Forces Day in the U.S., where we celebrate the sacrifice of our active duty military men and women.

Here's my thinking on this day: any person that is willing to put their life on the line, even in small part, to protect and defend the universal right of mankind to ogle sexy women in hardly any clothing (or, none at all), well, dammit, I will salute their efforts until the end of time. Yes, good readers, there are real and powerful forces out there that earnestly believe the female body ought be shrouded toe to head, locked down, and kept away from leering eyes. Perish the thought! I don't want to live in that world.

For those so inclined, and we hope you are, on this day we're really hoping you express your thanks with donations for the Got Your Back Network, a non-profit foundation providing services to families of fallen soldiers. A very worthwhile cause indeed.

We had originally envisioned a contest for soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines to represent themselves on this Armed Forces Day, but given the holiday's theme of 'United in Strength', we instead decided to offer up a unifying shoutout to all members of the Armed Forces. Good blessings for your health and well being.

Oh, yeah, we also decided it was time to post these classic shots of the sweetly sextastic Jennifer Lopez performing for the troops via the USO and MTV, back in the day when she was still Jenny from the block and so ridiculously hot. Enjoy.

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