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Cintia Dicker Ginger Hot In Bras and Panties for Victoria's Secret

Oh, sexy readhead, how do I love thee, let me count your sexy locks.

Cintia Dicker is definitely in my virtual list of ten gingers I'd love to, well, ginger snap. This redheaded Brazilian supermodel makes the freckle what it ought to be, a sexy bit of connect the dots fantasy playtime. Blessed be the marriage of Cintia Dicker and Victoria's Secret, for Cintia Dicker plus bras and panties equals one very delightful way to spend from five minutes to five hours, depending on your level of obsession (I'm toward the latter end of that scale).

We also found Cintia Dicker in a recent bathing suit shoot for the Land's End catalogue; far tamer, but some sweet shots of her very nice little asstastic, so, what the heck, we through it in the gallery. Obsessions is obsession after all. Enjoy.

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