Chelsea Costa of the Electric Barbarellas Pays Egotastic! A Very Sexy Visit (VIDEO)

Sometimes your job sucks, right? I mean, you get treated like a man-whore, nobody lets you play your AC/DC Back in Black tribute albums at full volume, and you get paid essentially in Slim Jims and Mario Lopez energy drinks. At least, you know, that's my horrible story of working for the man. But, then, one day, the sun suddenly shines, the girl from accounting checks into rehab for meth so nobody notices how badly you've faked your expense reports, and, then, newcomer hottie Chelsea Costa walks into your office in a tiny gold swimsuit. Yep, it's like winning the lottery, except instead of a million dollars, you get a billion happy thoughts.

Chelsea Costa, a.k.a Chelsea Barbarella, is my absolute favorite amongThe Electric Barbarellas, the all-girl group slapped and smeared together by MTV for their eponymous reality show airing on Wednesday evenings. And I'm not just saying that because Chelsea showed up in our office the other day flashing her amazing smile (and, by smile, I do mean her ridiculously sexy body). She was super cool too (and, by super cool, I actually do mean super cool, but I always want to refer back to that ridiculously sexy body again.) She sang for us, we had a few laughs, shared some deep thoughts and took some amazingly fun photographs. We even cranked the AC/DC. It was like one of those perfect picnic afternoons you see in movies, except so much more boobtastic. Enjoy.

(Follow Chelsea Costa on Twitter or follow the entire Barbarellas. Also, thanks to Susan Blackmon from The Flawless Life for blindfolding and shackling up Chelsea and delivering her to our office.) EgotasticMedia

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