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Carolina Guerra and Janeth Molina Bring the Sexy Back to Bring Your Mom to Work Day

Do you love when hot daughters and their hot MILFy moms get all decked out in skimpy lingerie for a fun-hearted touchy feely photoshoot together?

Of course you do.

When we saw Colombian TV show hostess and former Miss Bogota, Carolina Guerra presenting and appearing alongside her mom, Janeth Molina, on the pages of SoHo magazine, well, two thoughts came to mind. First, dammit, genes are pretty much everything aren't they? Let's face it, if your folks are hot, you got a good head start in life. Second, well, something to do with mothers and daughters and a very naughty taboo sandwich on a desert island where the only laws in existence are made by ourselves, the king, and we don't have to worry about silly rules of civilized society as we dine on body mangos. It's really kind of unfair when moms and daughters look this hot and I don't see any jury convicting regardless. Enjoy.

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