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Belen Rodriguez Makes Her Own Case for World's Sexiest in DT Magazine Pictorial

Sure, you're probably familiar with all of the big named sexy celebrities on FHM's hottest list released today, but what of the incredible Sudamericana celebrity hotties, not the least of which is Belen Rodriguez, an Argentinean born super nova of pure sextastic transplanted to Italy where she struts her ridiculously sexy body around TV Italia for all the Mediterranean to ogle. Her latest photoshoot for DT magazine is borderline artsy, but also just shows why I don't like 'top lists' even when they name obvious hotties like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as winner; the universe of sexy women is vast, diverse, and best absorbed en masse. Take it all in, sense it, smell it, feel the sextastic. And, of course, enjoy.

To get a better feel (as it were) of the sextastic Belen Rodriguez, take a look at this behind the scenes video of her recent photoshoot. Muy sexual.

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