Bar Refaeli and Doutzen Kroes Deliver Super Hot Beaver Shots

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Wow, and, dang-diggity-dang. Jodie Foster must've been in heaven last night when the ridiculously hot super model duo of Bar Refaeli, recently de-bearded from Leonardo DiCaprio, and Doutzen Kroes, newly minted MILFtastic, showed up for the Cannes premiere of Foster's film, The Beaver, looking all kind of out-of-this-world sextastic. Just thinking about a crazy old man talking nonsensically to an inanimate beaver all day long, well, it kind of touched a personal chord with me and my workday.

Bar Refaeli could barely contain her boobtastic in her skin tight dress (Cavalli, don't you know, that bastard) that had eyes popping out of heads across the South of France. The men in the ham and cheese cafes finally had a reason to cross their legs. Bar Refaeli looked so hot on the red carpet, even Mel Gibson took a pro-Israel stance for the evening. Now, that's hot.

Doutzen Kroes has just made some type of amazing post-mama recovery and is, I dare say, looking hotter than ever. I'm not exactly sure what she has to do with Cannes or the film premiere, but I'm just ecstatic to see her super hotness anywhere close in association to the word 'beaver'. I bet hers is... well, she's a mother now so I'll keep that thought between me and my late night anonymous chat buddies. Enjoy.

(Egotastic! Quick Movie Review: Cousin Jonathan gives The Beaver 3-stars. Out of how many stars, I have no idea.)

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