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Arnold Schwarzenegger Love Baby Mama Revealed! (Candid Photos of Mistress Mom)

If you dig this kind of dirt on Mr. Freeze, well, voila! Stories like this move very quickly.

Our furiously snooping friends at have already found themselves the name and identity of the female house staffer Arnold Schwarzenegger was knocking unprotected boots with a decade or so ago.

Personally, I know the sting of having your own father deny that you're his child. Basically, every little league game I ever played, my dad would point to some kid on the team who could actually hit the ball and yell out proudly, 'That's my son!'

Ouch, dad. Ouch.

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UPDATE: Thanks to super well-endowed Egotastic! fan 'Steven D.', you can feel free to check out our own ridiculously simply found breaking news photos purportedly of Mildred Baena, identified by RadarOnline as the 'mistress' from the Schwarzenegger household staff.

And if your first thought is 'she is not what I expected', well, you can join my club. (And also join us for super silly debates on our Egotastic! Facebook page.)

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