Angelina Jolie Flashes Sexy Limbs for Tree of Life

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There really is something of an Angelina Jolie revival going down in the month of May. I think maybe she heard all the chitter chatter from the hypercritical peanut gallery out there about how she was losing her sex appeal, or maybe the diss from the 'Hotness Listers' who used to put her at or near the top in all their arbitrary rankings, but the former uber-sexy actress has really worked out all the kinks in the past few weeks and especially in Cannes is putting on one hell of a classic hotness show. These Angelina Jolie pictures from the premiere of the Brad Pitt movie, Tree of Life, show the world-famous thespian and model at her finest, and, damn, it is fine. Anybody who thinks Angelina Jolie has lost it has lost their ogling marbles and might just have to be de-certified. Enjoy.

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