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VIEWER WARNING: Olivia Munn Bikini Pictures for Carl's Jr. May Cause Your Meat to Drip

Well, secretly naughty nerd girl turned network television star turned back into paycheck reality girl, and, oh, by the way, sweet sextastic, Oilvia Munn, takes her turn donning the skimpy wear to pimp the juicy burgers at Carl's Jr. Specifically, the fanboy faptastic TV hostess and actress dons an itty bitty bikini for a few brief but glorious seconds in the burger joints later series of commercials. You may recall that Billionaire Barbie, Kim Kardashian, and Audrina Patridge all have previously taken their turn hawking the fast food restaurants burgers in lusty fashion. I must give it up for the good folks at Carl's Jr. for recognizing that sex sells, no matter the product.  And, in the case of Olivia Munn in a bikini, wow, I'm buying. Enjoy.

(NOTE: This post is in no way an endorsement of Carl's Jr. or its grubilicoous food, with the exception of the short-lived Cap'N Crunch Milkshakes, which were in fact, the closest thing to stoner heaven on earth.  So, maybe a 2,000 calorie shake isn't the healthiest beverage to serve with a burger and fries. Bring back the effin' Cap'n, Carl!)

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