Viewer Warning: Brooklyn Decker Lingerie Pictures May Induce the Sticky Icky

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Brooklyn Decker is like a supernova in the sextastic universe, exploding in a burst of hot bodied mega-Newtonian ray that nerds in isolated towers millions of light years away will spot and fap themselves to death. At least, that's what I would do. These Brooklyn Decker lingerie pictures for Bare Necessities really provides a Part Deux of ridiculously sexy pictures for the SI Swimsuit star who we got to see topless yesterday, but today, get to shine an ogle light on her hot body and a buttockal region that I literally would walk over hot coals and over-nuked 7-Eleven bean burritos to just get a chance to see the outline of, let alone slather in SPF-Egotastic!. I'm breathless. Enjoy.

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