Tila Tequila Is Coming To Egotastic!...Mañana

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Where will you be tomorrow when our good friend and gorgeous brunette interviewer to the stars, Diana Falzone, hits up sultry reality-star Tila Tequila with probing questions (and probing... well, nevermind) posed directly from you, the audience, watching on Paltalk live video chatroom?

Well, if you've ever wanted to know anything about Tila Tequila (or just ogle her live on cam), from her celebrity boyfriends and girlfriends and her wild ride TV career to her singing, dancing, lesbionic sex tapes, and who does her vajazzling, you must tune in tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1:00PM PST/4:00PM EST and some time variants thereof in Europe and Latin America to see Tila live in our offices taking your questions.

Tila will be sitting in my seat. I'm giddy!

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