The Sophie Turner Hourglass Could Stop Time Itself

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Holy curvaceous body, Batman. Sophie Turner has it going on in multiple directions simultaneously. I don't know where to begin. I mean, I have plans. Blueprints. Certainly a basic strategy. But without a single hard edge on her ridiculously sexy body, I'm not sure where to begin climbing.

When you get noticed for your hourglass in Hollywood, you're doing something doubly right. A bodacious booty and a swelling boobtastic combine to make Sophie Turner one of those 'it' girls. And, by 'it', I mean, I'd sure love to get some of it. Oh, sure, that sounds a bit rude, and it is, and I am, but, seriously, look at that Aussie model's derriere and tell me you're not about to bite clean through a couple deadbolts to unclasp her heavenly gates. Enjoy.

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