The Friday Four: Must See Pictures of Rihanna, Ashley Greene, Triana Igelsias, and Emma Roberts

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Okay, so maybe she can't hit the notes without the auto-tune fine tuning her questionable vocal skills, but one thing Rihanna always hits is the hotness button in major magazine photoshoots. This sextastic picture comes courtesy of her current spread in Rolling Stone; the red-haired Barbadian does not disappoint. her tight body is fine enough song for me. Just plain hawt!

Any time anybody doubts the presence of a higher power, I'm going to alert them to my numerous verbal, silent, and written prayers for the super hot Ashley Greene to cease her beard duties for Joe Jonas and return to giving the gift of the ogle to the men of this world. Her current pictorial for Glamour magazine, fulfills her higher purpose. Super old-fashioned hawt!

Snakker du hotness? We met uber-hot Norwegian TV personality Triana Iglesia last year when she was all kinds of nekkid. Now, she's covered nekkid for Reebok in a billboard that is apparently going to be a million feet tall and hanging right in the city center of Oslo. Do you realize how many tiny little environmentally-friendly Scandinavian cars are going to crash into each other when this puppy goes live? Hakkebakkeskogen hawt!

Emma Roberts continues to haunt my dreams and invade my soul, well, the part of my soul that exists near my chakra that sits in my protective cup during contact sporting events. She's growing up so fast I barely have time to make appropriately rude comments about how she's becoming a super fine piece o' celebrity tail, as evidenced by her recent pictures in Women's Health magazine (oh, yeah, I read that too). So second generation Hollywood hawt!

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