The Beyonce Hot Body Conundrum: Will Jay-Z Murderize Me For Coveting His Wife?

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It's hard to get good photographs of Beyonce these days. I think she's gone into some kind of hiding. The more they report how many bazillions of dollars Jay-Z is worth, the more Beyonce seems to disappear. I could just be imagining things, I am prone to hallucinations and Olde English 800-induced delusions, but I really miss the ultimate curvy, thick-but-hot sultry Beyonce strutting around something fierce. So, when we did get a chance to ogle Beyonce in a sheer costume flashing some leg on the set of her new music video 'Til the World Ends', I got aroused (intellectually speaking, of course). Not so much for the shoot itself, but knowing that we're now on the inevitable course toward another Beyonce album release and the inevitable body-flashing music tour this summer which is sure to produce some wonderfully skin-baring moments. Put me down as a big time Beyonce body fan. I don't care if Jay-Z can afford to kill me 87 million times over; I will continue to cover his wife. Enjoy.

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