Single, Hot, Rich: Eva Longoria Hits the N.Y. Talk Show Circuit

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Ah, to be sexy and divorced in the Big Apple. Oh, yeah, don't forget to throw in a veteran killer body, shown off in a couple little numbers that show off such things. Eva Longoria hit Good Morning America by day and The David Letterman Show by night, taking time to move in and out of wardrobe so sexy  it could thaw the polar ice caps (sorry, polar bears, you're fucked again), flashing her tight little body and hot booty and legs, in not-so-desperate housewife fashion. I remember when I first heard about the Eva Longoria-Tony Parker divorce; I think we all shed a few tears at that moment, but, like the good soldiers and instinctive cock-blockers that we are, it was quickly time to start moving past loss, and move on to conquest. Some lucky bastard is going to be winning the Eva Longoria prize package soon and I'm going to be left holding a slightly melted Fudgie the Whale cakes in consolation. Enjoy.

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