Prom The Movie Brings Out Prom the Hotties

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Sadly, various and sundry silly state laws kept me 300 feet away from the El Capitan theater last night for the red carpet premiere of Prom, the movie. You know, because Prom, the real life experience just wasn't enough (I think I'm actually still hungover from prom and, without dating myself, let's just say I was tripping the Holiday Inn ballroom lights fantastic in another millennium.)

Nevertheless, the Prom actresses and little hottie friends showed up in droves for the premiere, including the film's star, Aimee Teegarden (hawt), underrated hottie and RJ Berger cheerleader, Amber Lancaster, Kendall Jenner, a real life h.s. cheerleader who we remain determined to rescue from the Kardashian Family compound, and Debby Ryan, who you fans of Zack and Cody probably are lust crushing on big time, especially now that she's getting all grow'd up big time. Enjoy.

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