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Olivia Munn and Selita Ebanks Head(shop)line Hotties at Vodka Pimping Event in Vegas

With the inevitable cancelation of her network show, Olivia Munn wasted no time pimping her fanboy faptastic body at Pure Nightclub in Vegas to celebrate the launch of a new Vodka flavor. (Want to know the best Vodka  flavor by the way? Vodka. If you want to drink juice, drink juice.) We know nerds across world had united their avatars in emotional support when their goddess was quickly demoted from NBC TV status, but this little something of Munn Cleavage ought to keep them quiet in the basement for a little while. Joining Olivia at the grain-alcohol jazzy junket was sexy celeb Selita Ebanks who brought a little red hot sauce of her own to the event, where the celebs mixed in with corporate VIPs and gabbed the night away discussing whatever it is people discuss when they gab. Personally, my buddies and I can go away for a long weekend and not exchange more than five words beyond 'hey' and be quite content, but I bet Pure Nightclub was hopping with gab. Hold tight, fanboys, the next Olivia Munn project is right around the corner. Enjoy.

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