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Miranda Kerr Is Never Ever Not Hot

If you asked Miranda Kerr, I'm sure she'd say something humble about just having a baby and looking tired and feeling fat and all sorts of nonsense that would go in one ear and out the other because I don't care if she just got pulled from a train wreck, she always looks hot to me. Oh, sure, at times, the clouds might block your view of the sun, but that solar beast is still kicking out a bazillion gigs of energy all day, everyday, even when you can't see it directly. And so is Miranda Kerr. I'm not suggesting that I'd spend hours ogling her nursing sessions with her offspring (though I would), or that I'd carry her towel while she sweated through her post-baby return to hot body workouts (though, that's another definite), but I am suggesting that when she leaves my gaze, the world turns a little dimmer, like the sun went out. So, yeah, there's that kind of passion going on. Enjoy.

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