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Miley Cyrus Braless, Happy, Erect

Big bold boobtastic Monday continues with this quite delightful look at our barely legal, self-described singer, Miley Cyrus tooting about Toluca Lake without the upper body undergarment (could she be riding commando on the under-carriage as well?). Miley has a nice habit of running about the City of Angels with pokey nipples protruding from her bodily portico, a style trend we only hope will catch on with other young celebrity hotties (or older celebrity hotties, just not the ladies in my grandma's coffee klatch,  bras please, ladies). We are just about six weeks away from Miley hitting Europe and South America what I just know is going to be the wardrobe malfunction to end all wardrobe malfunction set of personal appearances. So, while we await an awe-inspiring series of sweaty staged vajayjay flashes, let us pacify our desires on the pert nipples of this semi-spastic, gravel-toned diva. Enjoy.

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