Miley Cyrus Braless, Happy, Erect

Big bold boobtastic Monday continues with this quite delightful look at our barely legal, self-described singer, Miley Cyrus tooting about Toluca Lake without the upper body undergarment (could she be riding commando on the under-carriage as well?). Miley has a nice habit of running about the City of Angels with pokey nipples protruding from her bodily portico, a style trend we only hope will catch on with other young celebrity hotties (or older celebrity hotties, just not the ladies in my grandma’s coffee klatch, ¬†bras please, ladies). We are just about six weeks away from Miley hitting Europe and South America what I just know is going to be the wardrobe malfunction to end all wardrobe malfunction set of personal appearances. So, while we await an awe-inspiring series of sweaty staged vajayjay flashes, let us pacify our desires on the pert nipples of this semi-spastic, gravel-toned diva. Enjoy.

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