Meagan Good Flashes Her Bra And Spreads Men's Health

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Not sure when your lust affair began with Meagan Good, maybe it'll start today, but, for me, it was the underrated, though terrible, film D.E.B.S. (Discipline! Energy! Beauty! Strength!). Yep, seen it seventeen times. Probably the world leader in that mixed-blessing regard. But my memories of Meagan Good kicking-arse in a short skirt, that will comfort me in my golden years. And, adding to those happy thoughts, well, views of Meagan Good flashing her bra the other evening beneath a top that seemed designed to flash her bra, if not more. Quite delightful really. And even more hotness in this Meagan Good photo spread in this month's Men's Health magazine, where the sultry actress flashes her killer body and even more lust-inducing curves. Oh, my. Open the main gates on the tug vault and back the truck up this-a-way. Enjoy.

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