Game, Set, Match: Maria Sharapova Sweaty Ball Whacking Pictures from the Sony Ericsson Open

Every time I vow to stay away from posting sexy tennis star upskirt pictures, well, I see sexy tennis star upskirt pictures of the likes of Maria Sharapova. The sweaty ladies in center court are all wearing little spandex numbers these days that would’ve had them tossed from the grounds of Wimbledon for indecency just a decade ago. And, well, thank god for that (albeit, I’m still recovering from my last Williams sisters tranny-pectoral peek). These Maria Sharapova pictures from the Sony Ericsson Open semi-finals bring our sexy chick athlete world back into order and remind us, that, by and large, watching hot celebrities in short skirts flashing toned bodies and grunting like sexual thundercats will never not be ogle-worthy. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News / Getty Images