Mallika Sherawat Brings Bollywood Heat to Egotastic!

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It's time. Yes, it's way past time to start bringing some subcontinental heat to the pages of Egotastic!, beginning with Bollywood sexy bomb Mallika Sherawat, who graced the pages of her neck-of-the-woods FHM with some flashing of skin that is sure to cause some kind of reckoning with Vishnu, let alone the stone-throwing set who believe that women's beautiful bodies somehow belong hidden from view (perish that thought!). I lust everything about Mallika Sherawat, from red dot to toes she is smoking hot and it's about time we remind ourselves that the sextastic quotient is global, evenly divided among nations and peoples, and one of the very best reasons for exploring this world. Columbus ventured for Indian trade routes, but I'd have sailed my ship over the edge of the world to get an eyeful of this Bollywood film star. आनंद.

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