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Lily Aldridge Sexy Little Bride Pictures Clear My Lust Bowl

One of the more underrated Victoria's Secret hotties, Lily Aldridge brings some American born sextastic to the international cast of lingerie-clad angels drawn from all quarters of this planet to perfectly pimp skimpy little underthings. Lily Aldridge took her sexy body and put it on delightful display in Manhattan to show off the new 'Sexy Little Bride' line of silky nothings. Now, I doubt you're going to see Kate Middleton decked out in such obviously sexy sheer garb  on her wedding night (though I know I'll be imagining that for some time to come), and you do know my general philosophy on marriage (see: insanity, n. for additional reference), but when I start seeing a smoking hot supermodel in some lacy nuptial nightwear, well, it does give me leave of my senses and a stronger understanding of how our five-fingered species continues to flourish. Enjoy.

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