Kristin Cavallari Returns From Mexico Way Looking More Than Okay

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We've been focusing so much these days on Audrina Patridge, her new reality show, how much I want to make the sweet angry sexy with her mom, that we've almost lost site of some other Hills alumni hotness, including Kristin Cavallari who has been looking extremely perky of late, including here returning from Mexico with her boyfriend and noted soft-stuff footballer, Jay Cutler. There's something about a sweet young woman with a sextastic body in a white tank top and shorts that just generates some kind of instinctive lust in the male species. I know I'm not the first person to discover this, but I'd still like to, um, plant my flag in my discovery. Kristin Cavallari deserves more attention, both for the charity work she's been undertaking kind of under the radar, but also just for looking hot. That is most definitely enough. Enjoy.

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