Kris Jenner Trains Kim Kardashian in Human Type Pimping Movements

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Something went wrong in the wiring, or perhaps it was the electronic stuffing that got knocked out of her by her latest professional athlete boyfriend, but Kim Kardashian returned to Los Angeles this week with circuit boards battered and an inability to perform human simulated movements. Kris Jenner left her Calabasas basement laboratory where she was once again trying to sandblast her Khloe model into less gargantuan proportions in order to re-train Kim, her leading commercial androidal asset, into more organic muscle movements in order to pass in the general population. Let's face it, the teenaged girls of this world shelling out their parents dough for Kardashian pants, shoes, shirts, purses, bathing suits, nail polish, makeup, credit cards, cell phones, diet supplements, exercise equipment, books, tapes, videos, CDs, and DVDs want to feel like they're buying from a real woman, especially a real woman with big boobtastic and a trunkside that could drive many a junk lover into a passion frenzy. What an odd world we live in. Enjoy.

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