Keep the Site Suggestions Coming...

It's been a wild first week on the new platform and we appreciate all the constructive comments we've been receiving from our readers. Keep 'em coming, as they all get forwarded to our nerdtastic team of mouth breathers still working their pale little asses off. I mean, I don't forward the ones where you talk about killing people's first born son's and such, I know it's the season, but sending tech geeks threats based upon the product of fornication is simply far too fantastical for them to comprehend.

Remember, we are a work in progress here on the site and will be continuing to tune and modify as the weeks go by to improve site performance and usability. Our top priority was moving off the about-to-crash old site and performing just about the biggest blog migration in the history of blog migrations, with more than 8,000 posts and 80,000 media pieces. With the new platform flexibility, we'll be able to upgrade the site relatively easier now and start adding in some of the features you've already been requesting. Plus, we'll be able to bring you expanded forms of content and media elements we simply could not before (I'm not even sure what that means, but rest assured, it means more boobs).  And, to boot, we'll be optimizing for mobile, for you bastards locked in your bathroom with nothing but your cell phones and water running to cover your tracks.

Thanks for being you.

(P.S.  Remember, to see the fullest size pictures available, click 'View Original' tab on the photo frames; we'll update that lingo soon to make it clearer.)


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