Kate Upton Sexy Fashion Photos Bring April Hot Showers

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I'm pretty sure sexy SI Swimsuit model and all around hottie Kate Upton is now entering that fairly elite group of Egotastic! sextastic stars that can't take a bad picture even if they tried. The kind of sexy celebrity so hot, that they make it okay for men to look at fashion photos. The kind of woman so en fuego, the mere mirror reflection of her taint could start a house fire. (Actually, that last one doesn't seem practically possible, even though I've been imagining something like it for a while now.)

Case in point, these April Hubal photos of the blonde bombshell in some skimpy and sheer little outfits that make my buttermilk soaked heart go pitter-patter. Kate Upton, 2011 is going to be a very amazing year for you, and us in the ogling community who have our binoculars committed to your bedroom window. Enjoy.

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