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Jennifer Lawrence Does Her Best to Be Sexy in GQ Photoshoot

I'm not sure who decided to go with the uber-retro swimsuit thingee for my latest ingenue crush, Jennifer Lawrence, the toe-headed hottie who just about stole every red carpet hotness trophy this recent award season once nominated for her role in Winter's Bone (and who I am already drooling in anticipation of her portrayal of the nekkid type mutant, Mystique in the next installment of X-Men). This cleavetastic actress from out Kentucky way has three elements to her personality that I simply love: blonde, chesty, and never complains aloud when I play super-interested-OB/GYN-doctor-in-training in my nightly dreams about her. In fact, she just coos. Despite the pretty lame layout for this pictorial, kudos to the good men and women of GQ for highlighting the hotness that is Jennifer Lawrence, who at 20 years of age is just on the cusp of sextastic thespianic awesomeness. Enjoy.

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