Is Taylor Swift Getting To You Yet? (Bonus Photoshoot Content)

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I must admit, I wasn't an immediate Taylor Swift fan. No, I'm not talking about her music, that's best left for the teen girls and my erstwhile friend Felonious Fred to care about (yes, Fred, I checked out your iTunes when you left your laptop here and your shameful secret is now exposed). I mean Taylor Swift hotness. The debate rages on, and, perhaps I did initially buy into the whole small woodland creature references to the pop-country diva. But the more I see this lithesome sundress wearing cutie, well, yes, she's getting to me. These Taylor Swift pictures from her recent dinner rendezvous just makes me want to buy some flowers and some chocolate and drop by her home unannounced. No, not like the last time when I got arrested halfway over her fence, but looking sharp and asking her out on a date through her driveway intercom. I think she'd say yes, I mean, even if just to get me to stop crying.

Oh, if you're not sold on T. Swift being T. Licious yet, take a look at the bonus photoshoot pictures from a recent Alexei Hay photoshoot. Yes, super innocent, but... is she getting to you yet? Come clean. And, enjoy.

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