Is Lindsay Lohan Too Good Looking to Portray Victoria Gotti?

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A question for the ages. And, first, let me say to our friends out there involved in La Cosa Nostra, the whole notion that perhaps Victoria Gotti is not the most fetching peach on the tree, well, that comes from Cousin Jonathan, I'll send you his address for any and all equine related home deliveries.

I happen to like Lindsay Lohan in blonde. I mean, if I ever have a choice, it's always ginger, but the blonde looks good on the criminally troubled gal, who was probably swapping life-in-the-big-house tales with several generations of the Gotti family as she made a surprise appearance at the press conference announcing the Gotti family biopic. We know Lindsay can pull off crime drama, and we know that Hollywood loves to make everybody look hot in their biopics, but this might just take the cake. Enjoy.

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