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Is Kate Middleton Way Too Blazing For Prince William?

Let's get this out of the way: the basic concept that hot women will, on occasion and for no explicable reason, still fall for ordinary blokes, well, that's a concept that needs to be cherished and nurtured and not to deeply investigated for fear that it might go away. It's a heavenly blessing that ought not be challenged. It's what provides us hope that the next knock at our door will be Jessica Alba wearing a trenchcoat, and nothing else, seeking a late night foot rub and asking if we want to 'feel her baby' with a wink and a smile.

Still, how we leap from this general fantasy principle to Prince William scoring a sweet hottie like Kate Middleton, it's a Grand Canyon-esque leap (English Channel-esque leap for those of you under Royal flag). Seen here shopping just a week or so before she ties the regal knot, Kate Middleton has a certain princess like sextastic that is hard to deny. Oh, sure, Prince William has the big family name and the titles and the castles and the land and the jewels and the money and the... wait, I think I just figured things out. Look, I'm sure future King Bill is a fine chap and a wonderful fox hunter, but, seriously, Kate, if you get lonely in the palace late night, Skype me, I'll even put on a shirt. Enjoy.

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