Hayden Panettiere Brings Out the Perky Pair

There are two kinds of men in this world. Those who lust for little Hayden Panettiere, and those who are liars. Yes, I know there's supposedly some secret cabal of dudes out there who claim to not be on the bandwagon for this petite and sexy actress. Perhaps, I was even in this group of player haters at one misguided moment in my life, But Hayden Panettiere has grown on me like fungus grows on things fungus grows on. She looked extra perky at the Grove yesterday where she met Mario Lopez, who was probably drunk and trying to feel her up (don't blame him on either account). Something about that sexy little midget body of hers that has me humming the Lollipop Guild while imagining making the sexy in a little tiny bed with little undersized pillow shams. Don't judge, you've been thinking the same thing for years now. Enjoy.

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