Halle Berry Flashes Boobtastic Bikini Body

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I'm not sure what Halle Berry is up to these days. I mean, she dates models, she shops, she goes to the beach, and, well, the only real matter of importance -- she flashes her continuing hot body for the benefit of all man-kind. I can almost feel the virtual neck pains imagining how hard I'd crank my neck at the beach if Halle walked by in a cleavage baring bikini top. Oh, sure, she's been seen in less, but for a cloudy Malibu day, this is a bit of bosom-based sunshine that could brighten up any man's day. So, Halle, whatever it is you're doing or not doing these days, just keep doing it in that tiny bikini top and we will support you, even as we undress you with our mind's eye. Enjoy.

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