Eva Longoria May Be Nearing Her Sextastic Peak

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I put this out there to you: Eva Longoria looks better now than ever before.

I really didn't think it was possible, but this veteran TV hottie has upped her sextastic game another notch; I suppose it was the divorce from Tony Parker, finding out your man might've been dribbling his balls on another woman's court, or maybe she's just primed as she enters her late 30's, the hormonal sexual prime for women (according to my latest edition of Cosmo and a wee wee bit of my own scientific research in the field), but Eva Longoria is absolutely glowing with hotness these days. Photos of her from the past few weeks (including yesterday at B&N pimping her book about something or other) have been really the most lust-inducing ever. I feel like at some point soon I simply won't be able to look directly at her without writing a poem, in Spanish, with an English translation that doesn't do it justice. Enjoy.

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