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Egotastic! Continues Its Campaign To Save Kendall Jenner from Stepfordville

Thanks to all of your donations and charitable contributions, the Egotastic! efforts to save teenaged Kendall Jenner from a life as a Kardashian she-bot carry on, despite extensive efforts from the fiendishly clever Kris Jenner to combat such rescue efforts. Right now, our means are limited, focused mostly on complete empty gestures, cynical comments, and futile pranks, highlighting the fact that Kendall is too tall, too slender, and too cute to ever be seriously accepted by her older half-sisters. In short, we would not be shocked to hear of a roller-skating accident or even a hair bleaching tragedy in the near future. Kendall, if you're reading this now, please, get yourself to a fire station or participating Pinkberyy location where we've arranged for your safe passage out of Stepfordville. We'll keep the scented candles lit.

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