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Charlie Sheen Booed; Denise Richards Bikini Pictures Deserve Applause

Rough opening night apparently for Charlie Sheen on his 'I Smoke Crack' stage show in Detroit, booed to bits; I'm not exactly sure what the ticket-buying audience thought they'd get out of Too Drunk to Fuck Chuck for 90-minutes, but, then again, I did once pay cash money to see Chumbawumba in concert and after Tubthumper, the set got a wee bit slow. Meanwhile, anything but slow or boo-worthy was ex-wife Denise Richards flashing her extreme MILF bikini madness body in the Bahamas. A little 'woulda shoulda coulda' in Charlie's face with her still super hot bikini body and delightfully delicious boobtastic. Denise Richards is the only girl Charlie never got arrested for assaulting; you simply never forget that special one. Enjoy.

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