Brandi Glanville, Is She Hotter Than LeAnn Rimes?

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Well, LeAnn Rimes finally did tie the proverbial knot this past weekend with the dude Eddie Cibrian who she bought for a few million bucks from his wife Brandi Glanville, and, I must tell you, after some ogling investigation of late, Brandi Glanville is pretty hot. I mean, sure, LeAnn Rimes has the songs and the boots and the money, but Brandi, there's a something something going on here that deserves mention. Now that I know she herself is rolling in the bribery cash, well, let's just say some blogger out there is polishing up his Crocs, sticking a box of chocolates under his arm, and making a visit to a certain Ms. Ex-Eddie Cibrian. Enjoy.

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