Amy Childs Deep Cleavage Points the Only Way to Essex

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Continuing with our celebration of all things British boobtastic in advance of the wedding of Bill and Kate, we'd be remiss if we didn't plow right into the deep and divine cleavage of one Amy Childs, one of the young don't-go-getters from the smash British fake-o-reality show, The Only Way is Essex. If you recall, like The Hills, TOWIS, follows a bunch of hottie tottie young and pretties in the U.K. as they drink and sex up their fashionable lives, for the benefit of the viewing public. Thankfully, the Egotastic! ogling public gets the pleasure of the real real life adventures of some of these ditzy birds and chapped chaps, most notably the sextastic among them, and, in this case, Amy Childs flashing about as much boob as possible without the fully nipple Monty. I'm sure that won't be long now. Enjoy.

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