Billionaire Barbie, Sister Nicky Hilton, and Fergie Go Big For Japan

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When the celebrities get behind a good cause, you can count on two things: stretch pants and cameras. Billionaire Barbie, her less good looking sister, Nicky Hilton, Fergie in tight-asstastic pants, along with model Molly Sims, and Glee-girl Dianna Agron, all joined forces to jog two miles to raise money for the folks in Japan all effed up from the earthquake and tsnumai catastrophe. While I spent most of my charitable exercise ogle time checking out Fergie's bottom, I must admit I applaud the Hilton sisters for taking the time out of their shopping day to raise money for a worthy cause. Albeit, it's unclear whether Billionaire Barbie is running for charity or just high-tailing it out of the area because she heard somebody saw a black dude. Run, Paris, run! Enjoy.

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