Victoria Justice Shakes Her Hotness for Nickelodeon Upfronts

Victoria Justice is how I want to go out on this week. Heck, Victoria Justice is how I want to go out for good, I mean, so long as paramedics and historians and a gaggle of paparazzi are there to document the final naughty moments. This alarmingly hot barely legal actress stole the show at the Nickelodeon Upfronts, where the kids network slash hottie farm system bares their content wares for the big time merchandisers of lip gloss and pink-colored text messaging devices to get all jazzed up and write big fat advertising checks. And, what better way to make anything big and fat than by having the super sexy Victoria Justice jump out from backstage and shake her starlet booty on stage?

Enjoy your weekend, from all your friends at Egotastic!