Vanessa Hudgens Not So Naughty, But Still Sexy, in Nylon

Vanessa Hudgens and she’s got her clothes on! Wait, that’s the opposite of exciting. Well, this classic vision of sexy innocent Disney star has become quite the news item of late because apparently some dudes with intense computer skills managed to build a time machine and go back in time and hypnotize Vanessa Hugdens into creating a boatload of naughty photos of herself and sharing them with her besties (some of whom seem to have violated besties code according to our friends at TMZ). I wish I could use their time machine to go back and erase my high school wrestling photos. Those crotch-hugging singlets were hardly flattering.

Still, regardless of indiscretions of the past, Vanessa Hudgens remains more ogle worthy than ever and these Nylon magazine photos of the Sucker Punch star only confirm my lust confidence in her bright acting future. Enjoy.