Thank God It’s Funbags: Melissa Debling Heals Us With Her Buxom Hotness


It’s been a long week. Lordy lordy lordy, it’s been a long week. This St. Patrick’s hangover doesn’t even make the Top Ten list of afflictions. You too? The only possible way I see of salvaging our sanity after this week is through the virtual suckle of some funtastic funbags courtesy of these exclusive Melissa Debling pictures from our friends at Frank White Pictures in the U.K. We’ve just started seeing the uber-sexy Melissa Debling making her mark in the celeb-pinup-model circuit based in Jolly Old, and, well, what a name it is, conjuring up all sorts of appeasing wet nurse fantasies for my own badself. Pull up a chair, grab a handful, and let’s ease ourselves into the weekend as gently (and milky) as possible. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Frank White Pictures

If you’re lusting Melissa Debling like I’m lusting Melissa Debling, be sure to check out the Melissa Debling online shop (shoppe to you Old English).